The 8 things you didn't know your vagina could be allergic to

There are many causes that could lead to vaginal discomfort so here is a list of 8 things you might not have known to be at the root of your lady problems!

The 8 things you didn't know your vagina could be allergic to
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The 8 things you didn't know your vagina could be allergic to

People with vaginas can attest to the (sometimes frequent) instances of physical discomfort they have experienced with their genitals. A plethora of reasons can cause vaginal discomfort witch can be frustrating when attempting to pinpoint what needs to be changed in your lifestyle in order to stop your lady bits from experiencing this malaise.

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So, we've decided to compile a list of the 8 things you might have not been aware of that are causing your vagina to be subjected to discomfort. But first, a better understanding of what vaginal discomfort entails is needed. Award winning aesthetics doctor and trainer, Dr. Shirin Lakhani, explains that:

Your vagina is an extremely delicate area and one that has its own natural pH level and a certain amount of bacteria in order to remain healthy.

And added:

There are a number of surprising things that can cause an allergic reaction in the vagina and surrounding area and this can result in a range of symptoms from pain, swelling, itching, redness, a burning sensation and discharge.

Dirty underwear

Though many of you might think this one's a no brainer you would be surprised at the amount of girlfriends we've come across in our lifetime that reuse their underwear or swimwear more than once without washing them... Dirty knickers are a breeding ground for bacteria to accumulate and cause irritation and infections.

Vaginal douching

Having become more popular in recent times, this is a practice that has often been unadvised by doctors because of its known history of unbalancing PH levels as well as removing the good bacteria that keeps your vagina healthy.

Fragranced products

Fragrances of any kind should be avoided as much as possible. But in particular, scented soaps can considerably leave your vagina feeling very unhappy.

Foreign objects

Anything from penises, to fingers to even menstrual cups can be enough to trigger an unpleasant experience down there provided they are not clean enough.


Refined sugars often found in sweets and fizzy drinks have been scientifically proven to feed bad bacteria witch could increase your chances of developing thrush.

Skinny Jeans

Wearing overly tight bottoms too frequently can lead to yeast infections and chafing. We're not saying never to wear them but let your vagina breathe every now and again by keeping your style choices varied.


Unfortunately, it is very possible to be allergic to your sexual partner's sperm. Medically known as seminal plasma hypersensitivity it can lead to severe itching and even swelling when coming into contact with it.


Although always a best practice to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STIs, some of us out there are allergic to the latex found in condoms. In this case, try opting for latex-free varieties of prophylactics.

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