3 ways to get better orgasms

Orgasm is the peak of sexual excitement and a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation. Here’s how you can get better orgasms.

Recent research on the sexual activities of the people of Britain, Women only have one orgasm to every three for a man. Sadly, this is when women are more likely to have multiple orgasms than men. The nation’s bedrooms are divided and it’s time to fill the gap. It takes a woman 14 minutes to orgasm, while men reach there in just four minutes. As such, The Sun gives three ways that can help people orgasm better and here’s what you need to know:


We are what we eat and it looks like we ‘aah’ what we eat too. For women to have better orgasms Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are what you should increase in your diet. These fruits help produce more oxytocin and improve sexual response. Whereas men should include more Salmon, herring and sardines in their diet. These foods contain Omega-3, which increases the desire to perform.

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Foreplay is a tricky business – if it’s too much, it’s boring and if it’s too less it’s a turn-off. Women are more likely to climax if the build-up to the endgame includes, manual stimulation, oral sex and deep kissing along with the main act. As for the men, choosing the right way to foreplay is crucial. If during sex their excitement grows too quickly, they should switch back to pleasuring their partner until both of them are in sync.

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Exercise is not essential to keep oneself healthy, it can also help you orgasm better. Now, you’ve got a good reason to hit the gym. Studies have shown that women’s enjoyment of sex gets boosted by any exercise. However, working on the lower abdomen with the plank move or walking lunges will tighten your pelvic floor and increase the intensity of orgasms. Meanwhile, for men Kegel exercises can do the trick. Pubococcygeal muscles control erections and gaining excellence over these muscles would help them orgasm better.

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