Prince Harry has been accused of lying about being cut off financially by family

New reports have come out refuting Prince Harry's claims that he was financially cut off from his father, Prince Charles.

Following Prince Harry's interview with Oprah in which the ex-royal revealed no longer being financially supported by Prince Charles, new reports have come out contradicting his accusations.

Royal accounts exposed

In fact, royal accounts have been made public for the first time yesterday, 23 June, showing that the future king continued to fundHarry and Meghan until the summer of last year.

As it turns out, the money Prince Charles used to aid the Sussexes came from a £4.4million Clarence House pot that was ultimately used to support his two sons and their families.

During the interview for a special collaboration with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry had claimed that he had stopped receiving financial support from his family in the first quarter of 2020. He went as far as to say that he and his family had to resort to living off of what his mother had left him.

'All I can tell you are the facts'

Despite quitting the monarchy at the end of March last year, the independently audited accounts show that the couple had continued receiving money from Charles's Duchy of Cornwall income. According to a a senior Clarence House spokesman:

As we'll all remember, in January 2020 when the duke and duchess announced that they were going to move away from the working Royal Family, the duke said that they would work towards becoming financially independent.

And added:

The Prince of Wales allocated a substantial sum to support them with this transition. That funding ceased in the summer of last year. The couple are now financially independent. I betray no confidence when I say they've been very successful in becoming financially independent.

Finally, when the spokesman was asked what his thoughts were on the allegations made by Prince Harry, he replied:

I wouldn't acknowledge that they are dramatically different. All I can tell you are the facts.
Prince Charles ready to streamline the monarchy and 'ditch' Meghan and Harry? Prince Charles ready to streamline the monarchy and 'ditch' Meghan and Harry?