What position are you based on your star sign?

Adventurous, rowdy, cuddly... Which sex position is right for you, according to your star sign?

What Position Are You Based on Your Star Sign?
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Far be it for us to tell you exactly what position should be your go-to. However, we can tell you which one is best for you based on your star sign!


The butterfly. Because of your dominant nature, you always make sure that your partner is fully satisfied.


Spooning. You like your sexlong, slow and incredibly sensual.


Doggy style. You want sex to be fast, light and fun.


Up against the wall. To you, sex should be raw and intimate; there's no wrong place to do it.


Love's noose. You need to express your creativity, even in the sheets. You're proud of your talents.


The rocking chair. You need a challenge and adventure. You like to please your partner, you can indulge in submission.

Didn't see your sign in the list? Check out the video for the other half!