These Are the Phrases Men Love Hearing the Most in Bed
These Are the Phrases Men Love Hearing the Most in Bed
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These Are the Phrases Men Love Hearing the Most in Bed

And no, it's not 50% off Nando's.

First, we revealed your new go-to position to try out in the bedroom(however, we never tried it so don't hold it against us if it's not your cup of tea), and now we’re looking at what phrases drive men wild according to them. And yes, we all have that one word or phrase that makes us just die during sex.

The most exciting phrase for men

This is a question we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lives: what are the most exciting words that men love to hear during sex? Well, we’ve finally found the answer to this question.

According to Voltage, a study was set up by the Daily Star in which a survey was conducted with 1,000 male volunteers.

According to them, the top phrase was ‘please don’t stop’ which took 44% of votes. In second place was the phrase ‘that feels good’ with 26% of votes.

As what comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, dirty talk is something that appeals to both men and women. Some people see it as a way of loosening up with your partner and maybe that’s true, but if you want a good, intimate relationship with your partner, you also need to be able to relax.

Of course, if you don’t say any these phrases during sex, it’s not a problem! For the romantics among you, it’s worth knowing that the phrase ‘I love you’ is appreciated by 13% of them. For me, it's got to be those two special words: chicken tenders.

You can find other sex topics and questions in the dedicated area of Oh My Mag!, such as the favourite sex positions of people between the ages of 18-34 and the naughtiest star signs in bed. So, what do you think?

Check out the video above for more details!

By Lindsay Wilson
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