This is how long sex should last according to women

According to a study conducted by an Australian company, how long sexual intercourse lasts is just as important as how good it is.

It's no secret that sex that ends too soon can leave us feeling bitter and disappointed. Australian company Prolong took an interest in the subject in 2019 and revealed statistics on how long women want sex to last. And the results might surprise you.

How long should sex last?

On average, women want sex to last 16.07 minutes, but this statistic varies based on their age. In fact, women between the ages of 45 and 54 say their ideal lovemaking session would last 17.3 minutes. For respondents aged 36 to 44, that time drops to 16.12 minutes.

Is duration as important as quality?

78.3% of respondents believe that the duration is as important as the quality of the sex. Furthermore, 65.4% of women say that men underestimate the power of cuddling.

According to another study conducted by the pharmaceutical company behind Viagra in which 500 couples participated, intercourse typically lasts somewhere between 4 and 11 minutes, with a median of 6 minutes. A quarter of the participants succeeded in reaching the 12-minute milestone. 22% of the sex sessions analyzed lasted between 0 and 3 minutes.

In light of all these results, it's safe to say that a lot progress remains to be made on the duration of sex, which is something women consider to be incredibly important when looking to leave the bedroom satisfied.

So long story short, do some foreplay - it'll help stretch out the pleasure!

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