These common sex dreams actually have a hidden meaning

Many of us wake up after a night of dreaming of their ex or even of their partner cheating on them but here's what these common sex dreams really mean.

It's no secret that many of us have sex dreams but who features in thesedreams often begs many questions. As it turns out dreaming of your partner cheating on you does not necessarily have anything to do with infidelity.

Dreams of a platonic friend.

Every so often you may have a sex dream involving a friend who you had never even seen in that way. Lauri Loewenberg has uncovered that these dreams may actually be about yourself. She told Cosmopolitan:

Pick the first three things that come to mind when you think of that person, then apply them to yourself

So the next time you dream of 'that friend' consider if maybe you are envious of any of their traits as this type of dream indicates more of what the person represents than the person themself.

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A celebrity.

Sure, we have all had at least one fantasy involving an A-lister but what does it mean? Well maybe it really is just a fantasy but it could also indicate that an actor or a musicians work could be speaking to you on a deeper level.

Dreams of you ex.

This is a pretty common sex dream but Loewenberg claims that there is no need to panic as this type of sex dream doesn't mean you are subconsciously still in love with your ex:

If it’s been a long time since this person’s been in your life, it’s not about him, but about what he represents: first love, the passion, excitement, being desired, desiring someone.

So, if you find yourself dreaming of your ex then maybe its time to do something exciting, go skydiving!

Check out the video above for more meanings behind the most common sex dreams!

Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean! Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean!