Here Are The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean!

Have you ever woken up and wondered what your dream could have meant? To better understand them, we’re going to explain what the top 5 most common dreams mean!

1. Dreaming you’ve been betrayed

You’re clearly at a crossroads in your life or you’re experiencing something that is upsetting or disturbing you. If this doesn’t resonate in real life, it could be a sign of something to come…

2. Dreaming you’re naked in public

This dream could mean that deep down, you need to find some more simplicity and stability in your life. Does your real life really suit you?

3. Dreaming you wake up late

Watch out, this dream means that you’re burning the candle at both ends! You’re probably overworked and counting the days until you can finally escape from your co-workers… Pay more attention to your body and kick back if you need to.

4. Losing your teeth

This is definitely a very strange dream! Actually, it symbolises a mental death, a rebirth as it were. The thing you need to take away from this dream is your lack of your energy and your weaknesses. Take care of yourself!

5. Driving a car

Definitely ordinary, but not meaningless! In fact, the car represents your body and driving represents your progress in life. For example, if the road isn’t in great condition or painful to drive on, it means the path you’ve taken in your life may not be right for you. If someone else is driving, this means that you aren’t in charge of your own life, but that you’re actually being controlled.

This is what it means to dream you're naked at work This is what it means to dream you're naked at work