These are the top three best sex positions if you're looking to get pregnant

Here are the top three best sex positions for couples that are looking to get pregnant.

In case you were looking to start your own little family with your significant other and were looking for ways to optimize this process the natural way, here are the top three best sex positions in order to increase your chances to get pregnant.

The first thing you have to know is that getting pregnant isn't always as easy as simply having sexual intercourse with your partner. Sometimes it can be difficult, and the factors that can cause couples to have a harder time getting pregnant can vary from one case to the other. If this happens to be the case for you, make sure you seek medical advice to find alternatives that best suit your needs.

Generally speaking however, chances of having a baby can be increased by simply practicing sexual positions that promote pregnancy. The science behind this lies in the distance between the sperm and your cervix in order to facilitate contact between egg and spermatozoid. And this is precisely what the following three positions allows; a better reach for the little swimmers to get to the egg.


The first position is known to be on the more boring side but it is perhaps the one that allows for your partner's sperm to be shot up the deepest inside you, in turn increasing your chances of getting pregnant. We're talking about the missionary position.

The good thing about the missionary is that it can easily be tweaked for both partners to also engage in maximum pleasure. Whether the means wrapping your legs around your partner, or having them over their shoulder, the possibilities are numerous!

Doggy style

Simply put, this one is great for making babies because rear access can reach some of the deepest parts inside you allowing for better chances to get closer to your cervix. In addition to its pragmatic use, the doggy position can be highly pleasurable for both the active and receiving partner.

Reverse cow girl

The reverse cow girl is perhaps one of the best sex positions to increase your chances of having a baby because not only is it effective in getting the job done it is also known for allowing the receiving partner more control with the movement which allows for overall more intense pleasure to be had.

5 best sex positions for when you are pregnant 5 best sex positions for when you are pregnant