These are the tell-all signs that a woman is aroused

While male arousal is straightforward and easy to detect—hello, obvious erection!—women's sexual arousal causes changes in their genitals as well as the rest of their bodies.

Sexual arousal is one of the best sensations human beings get to experience. Unfortunately, too many women still have difficulty experiencing orgasms.

In men, the most obvious sign of it is an erect penis, the fact of the matter is that the way arousal presents itself in women's bodies is a lot more subtle.

The signs of arousal

Sexual arousal can be caused by a variety of things. One of the most well-known and common signs of it in women is, without a doubt, vaginal lubrication. This lubrication is totally natural, and it reduces friction and facilitates penetration when the time comes. However, the signs of female arousal are not only limited to their genitals—arousal causes several changes throughout the body.

Erect nipples are another sign. When their erogenous zones are being touched, it is very common for women's nipples get hard.

Smell is another thing that can vary with female arousal. According to, although it's not easy to spot, if you pay close attention, you might notice it. The reason for this is that the woman's body releases pheromones to attract her partner's body.

Another one of the signs of sexual desire is increased body heat. As a woman gets more aroused, her body starts to generate more heat.

Flushed skin

Furthermore, her skin is not only hotter but it's also redder, due to a blood flow disturbance, which has also come to be known as a 'sex flush.'

Women's heart rate increases when they're aroused as well because their bodies are preparing for an orgasm and there's a higher demand for oxygen. Rapid breathing is also quite evident in women.

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