The condoms of the future are going to look pretty different

There’s nothing better than combining pleasure with safety. However, developers are making every effort to make tomorrow’s condoms more fun as well as safe. Here’s a brief overview of the condoms of tomorrow.

Between sexually transmitted diseases and infections and an unwillingness to have children, condoms are a popular form of contraception. Which is why many developers have put their imaginations to work thinking up condoms that evolve with the needs of society.

An aerosol

Thought up by an American student, this condom comes in aerosol form, so protecting yourself will become as easy as putting on deodorant. The principle is as follows, spray the aerosol on both the male and the female sex organs. Once dry, the spray turns into latex and protects during sexual intercourse. The disadvantage is this drying time, but the advantage is that the size of the male sex organ is no longer of importance.

An alarm for STIs

An idea conceived by three British students is a colour-changing condom that works as a sort of alert for sexually transmitted infections. Thus the colour yellow corresponds to herpes, violet to HPV and blue to syphilis. The small disadvantage of this invention is that it can kill the mood. Imagine yourself in the middle of foreplay and the condom suddenly changes colour… The advantage is screening tests would be quite quick.


Known as the ‘origami condom’ this condom is completely flexible. Existing in models for both the male and the female, this condom tracks the natural movement of the body. Even though it is quick and easy to put on, it is considered more of a sex toy these days than a means of contraception.

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