The astrological signs that get along best in bed

The stars have their say in matters of love, and it appears certain astrological signs get along better than others in bed. Discover the best sexual compatibilities now.

Many people like to refer to astrology when they think they have met the right person. While the two partners get along wonderfully, it may be a different story under the sheets. You should know that there are some zodiac signs are more compatible than others. Let's see who truly belongs together.

Aries, the adventure-seekers

Aries are open-minded when it comes to sex and like to try new things. They don't want to fall into a rut. They like to be with a dynamic person who likes to get out of their comfort zone. An Aries will get along wonderfully in bed with a Leo, Scorpio and Gemini. They may also find it easy to get along with someone of the same star sign as themselves.

Taurus, looks matter

Taurus have a strong personality and need a person who takes care of their appearance. When it comes to love, this astrological sign is demanding and refuses to be bored in bed. He is totally in tune with a Libra and a Pisces. They can also experience passion in the arms of a Scorpio.

Gemini, extreme pleasure

Gemini will get along wonderfully with Aquarians and Scorpios, who are particularly good in bed... Capricorns can surprise you, too!

Cancer, the sensual one

Cancer rhymes with caress and sensuality. Pisces and Scorpio seem to be the perfect partners for this native. It is also difficult for Cancer not to succumb to the arms of Aries and Leo, with whom things can get much more caliente.

Leo, the romantic

Leo is in search of romance and needs passion. However, they find it difficult to find the ideal partner in bed, as they are looking for perfection. Leo is compatible with Pisces and Libra.

Virgo, tenderness counts

Virgos will need affection under the sheets and will have a great time with a Taurus and an Aries. Be careful not to lose your footing!

Libra, pleasure and voluptuousness

Libra is exultant with Leo, and strong sensations will be on the agenda. Surprise with Taureans and Sagittarians, who promise innovative and fulfilling sex for the native.


Scorpio is one of the most sensual signs. They will experience nirvana with Aries and Cancer. This sign will climb to the seventh heaven with a Virgo and a Scorpio.

Sagittarius rhymes with passion

Sagittarius needs to please and loves passionate affairs. In bed, he must above all have fun and enjoy himself. He will find his account with a Leo as well as an Aquarius.

Capricorn, out with the routine

Finally, Capricorns need time to give their partner their full trust. They don't like to fall into a routine and need fantasy. Capricorn will have a great time with Pisces and Gemini.

Aquarius needs fantasy

Aquarians need to spice up their sex life and refuse to fall into a routine. When it comes to sexuality, they will get along wonderfully with a Pisces and a Gemini. These two signs will bring him sensuality. He could also have a good time with a Leo, who is known to be fiery.

Pisces, very sensitive

Pisceans are sensitive and need to trust their partner in order to let go and enjoy themselves. They will therefore be able to get their kicks with a Scorpio, Aries and Taurus.

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