The 4 types of orgasms every woman should experience

There are four ways to achieve seventh heaven depending on how you and your partner move during sex and every woman should know about them.

Not all women experience orgasms in the same way. Some require more time and effort than others or even require focus on certain parts of the body. If you want to know how to get to seventh heaven in different ways, keep reading to discover the 4 different techniques you can use to achieve climax!

Vaginal orgasm

This is when you reach orgasm via G-spot stimulation during penetrative sex. At least 30% of women orgasm this way.

The best way to find this spot is to explore the front wall of the vagina with your finger until you feel a spongy, almost bumpy area (the G-spot). When you have sex with your partner, try facing each other with your legs intertwined making sure that you are touching this area.

Clitoral orgasm

This is the easiest and most common way to achieve orgasm. Stimulating your clitoris is a guarantee of success. The best way to achieve orgasm in this way is for your partner to rub this area in a small, circular motion until you climax.

Mixed orgasms

This orgasm combines both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. According to experts, this orgasm feels stronger and more intense than normal orgasms usually do. To climax in this way, the woman needs to be in the right position when you’re having sex and she needs to be in complete control.

Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms are those that come one after another. And they are possible for as long as stimulation continues after the initial orgasm. To achieve this type of orgasm, it’s best to start with foreplay and then get your partner to make you climax with either their hands, mouth or with a toy.

So, now you know all the theory, all you have to do now is put it all into practice. Need some visual aid? Check out the video above!

Women who have anal sex experience more orgasms, study shows Women who have anal sex experience more orgasms, study shows