The '30' is the new sex position millennials are going crazy for

A new numerical based sex position is making waves among the younger generation. So, what number is it this time?

Everyone knows the 69 or the 42, the most popular positions in Kama Sutra. A new one has just been added and this one could very well dethrone all the already well known sex positions.

A new number

The Kama Sutra is the ultimate guide to spice up your sex life. It allows you to test many sexual positions and there is something for everyone. The 69, the Missionary, the Lotus are essential. However, on social media, we hear more and more about a new position: the 30, very popular with generation Y. Even if it is a little bit more on the complicated side to maneuver, it is definitely worth a try.

Despite all the positions that have been made available through the Kamasutra, many women admit to having difficulty reaching an orgasm during sex. The 30 could therefore help them since this position provides a lot of pleasure, according to experts.

Maximum pleasure

Inma Ríos, psychologist and sexologist expert in couple therapy, told Cosmopolitan:

This position may become very popular among millennials because it is very pleasant for women, as it facilitates two types of stimulation that are not very common in penetration.

The 30 would allows for deep penetration and would facilitate especially the friction of the glans with the clitoris, since the bodies are very close and the clitoris very exposed.

For the 30, the man is above while the woman is below, legs spread. Rios explains that:

In this position, it is the man who controls the times and rhythms, because the woman is very limited, so it is essential that communication is fluid and part of the game. This position allows you to have more confidence in your partner and be able to let go!
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