Signs pandemic has affected your relationship

COVID-19 has affected almost all the spheres of our lives and relationships are no exception.

Few individuals need to be reminded of the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which include isolation, disease, job loss, loss of loved ones, and more. When two people are together during such a stressful moment, additional challenges might occur in some relationships as people share their stress. The pandemic has different effects and everyone and even the healthiest of relationships are not immune to such stress.

Most of our relationships have suffered because of the pandemic, some mature relationships have been able to identify the difference between pandemic stress and relationship stress. However, not all relationships stood the test of time. All of us have heard, seen, or experienced fights in a relationship. Although they are inevitable there are some signs which can still show that the effects of the pandemic exist in your relationship.


If you or your partner have been experiencing increased anxiety, it is one of the most common side effects of the pandemic. Getting excessively anxious about the relationship or your significant other is not a healthy sign. Doubts may be inevitable in a relationship, but continuously being anxious about your stand in the relationship signifies you need to talk to your partner.


Unhealthy Dependency

Another major effect of COVID-19 is the unhealthy dependency on your partner. Being in lockdown having spent so much time with your partners virtually or otherwise has somehow increased the dependency level among couples. Often to an extent where people are sticking in their relationships that are toxic just so that they can have a sense of belonging or feel accomplished in their lives.

Stagnant Feeling

Be it career or relationship at one point or another all of us have felt stuck and stagnant in our lives, thanks to the pandemic. Experiencing boredom in the relationship or lacking excitement had led to more breakups than ever. Taking a casual break from your partners to look out for what you are missing in life is a growing trend that can be seen during this time.



Another major sign of pandemic on relationships is existing in one without having any attachment for your partners. COVID-19 has left people feeling detached from even the most basic tasks of their life and the effect can be seen in relationships as well. Not only is it wrong but it also induces and triggers mental health issues for most people.

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