Revenge dating: The post-lockdown trend of the summer

The summer of 2021 will be hot, dear singles! Have you heard of Revenge Dating? We’ll fill you in on this new trend.

With the current health crisis and lockdowns, dating has dropped off significantly since 2020. Fortunately, the summer of 2021 promises to be spicy thanks to Revenge Dating.

The Happn dating app unveils Revenge Dating

Marine Ravinet, head of trends at Happn, has revealed the results of their latest survey, which promises a summer full of dating. And the ‘Revenge Dating’ principle has come up, which refers to taking revenge on love.

It was complicated, if not impossible, to date during the lockdowns. According to the survey, 8 out of 10 singles had to put their love (or sex) life on hold for a year.

Now that the crisis seems to be behind us, it's time to start dating again! 88% of Happn users revealed that they want to meet new people in the coming weeks and that they have ‘sentimental revenge’ to take!

6 out of 10 people will do anything to have a ‘crush’ this summer

As Marine Ravinet points out:

No more risky dates or unlikely meeting places, everyone will be able to start dating again with peace of mind.

So in the survey conducted by Happn among its subscribers, 6 out of 10 singles say they want to have a ‘crush’ and flirt as much as possible this summer. 44% even want to just enjoy the day to day, even if it means only one night stands!

For those who are looking for a serious relationship, only 4 out of 10 people are looking for this. So we now know that the summer of 2021 will be quite the summer!

If you want to learn more about dating, check out the video above!

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