Dating during lockdown? Here's some tips

Lockdown doesn't mean you should stop searching for love. Staying home can be an ideal time to perfect your flirting game... from a distance!

Here's How to Make Lockdown Dating a Breeze
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Here's How to Make Lockdown Dating a Breeze

The new lockdown has been a hard blow for singles who were hoping to jump into cuffing season this year. The coronavirus has changed all of our daily lives, people are keeping their distance to avoid spreading the virus, which pretty much means no more dating.

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This is enough to cast a chill on the romantic and sexual life of many people. But is this really a reason to stop all attempts at meeting that special someone? In the current situation, online dating apps seem to be an acceptable compromise for millions of lonely singles. Of course,swiping on Tinder won't make you forget about confinement, but it is a good way to meet people without risking catching the virus in a bar or on the street. 'A cool thing about our app is that you can social distance yourself AND flirt at the same time,' joked the OkCupid app on Twitter.

New ways are being invented

But COVID-19 is not only disrupting dating, but its also shaking up other norms that are usually used and reused on dating apps. First of all, one's personal description should be adapted to the circumstances. Interests such as outings or travel should be revised, and photographs of a trip to China or Italy should probably be removed. Conversations are also easier to start since current events provide more than one pick up line which can break the ice: 'So, do you think this is the end of the world?'

Once you have matched with someone, started a conversation and you can tell there is some chemistry, the next step is usually an IRL meeting. But for a while, you'll have to have a first date on FaceTime or Skype. To make this even more fun, the website suggests to cook the same meal while chatting, or to watch a movie at the same time. Netflix, for example, offers the Chrome Netflix Party extension, which allows subscribers who are separated by distance to binge-watch together.

Take time to get to know each other

In fact, all this time you'll have to spend just chatting because of lockdown can prove to be the perfect opportunity to be more careful when it comes to the whole process of meeting people. Behind these apps is often hidden the cruel reality of one night stands. This time spent getting to know the person better will allow you to see if you really like them. The face to face meeting will then be all the more enjoyable.

Tinder has also thought of those who want to defy the ban to see each other in person. Between matches, the famous dating app warns its users: 'Tinder is a great way to meet new people. While we want you to continue to have fun, protecting yourself against the coronavirus is more important.' After all, getting infected or infecting someone else is the least sexy dating experience...

These tips will help your relationship survive lockdown These tips will help your relationship survive lockdown