Is your partner possessive or protective?

There is a fine line between the two, but it is necessary to know the difference and spot the red flags.

Is your partner possessive or protective?
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Being in a relationship is one of the most incredible feelings ever. However, it can be suffocating if your partner crosses the boundary of being protective and reaches the field of possessiveness. In all honesty, there is little possessiveness in every relationship that can be treated as a healthy amount. Although, when this healthy amount is crossed over, things can get messy and lead to a breakup.

Possessiveness stems from the feeling of ‘belonging’ to someone, whereas being protective is when you want to guard someone that is yours. Often the difference between the two becomes a little problematic for people to understand. What could be possessive for you could be just being protective of your partner. However, there are a few things that are deciding factors if your partner is possessive or protective.

There is no Privacy Between You Two

Intimate relationships do not mean that you cannot have private thoughts of your own. You are entitled to have a life beyond your partner’s identity. If they keep on asking you for your passwords or social media handle access, they might be a major no-no for you. Your partner might feel they are entitled to your privacy, but that shouldn’t be the case. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you cannot have a life of your own; rather, it is essential to have a personal life independent of your partner to make the relationship successful.

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They Isolate you from Others

Your significant other wants to hang out with you and, only you might seem romantic at first, but it is a red flag. When you continuously spend all your time with your partner and they do not have the most encouraging faces when you go out with your friends, they might be trying to isolate you from your people. Needless to say, that is never healthy in a relationship. Love is inclusive, not exclusive.

You get Criticized by them Constantly

Controlling people have a tendency to act like they are helping you improve yourself while all they want is for you to do things according to them. If your partner regularly criticizes you, your lifestyle, or your quirks, it is not healthy. They might want to make you a mini version of themselves. This could range from them commenting on your manner of speaking to eating to wearing clothes.

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There is Unnecessary Jealousy in the Relationship

A little jealousy is somewhat healthy in a relationship. The feeling to know that someone out there loves you enough to be terrified of losing you is exceptional. Although, it is a red flag when it is overdone. You could get jealous of one of your colleagues, friends, or even a waiter who might smile at you at the restaurant. They might also get jealous of your past or people you were involved with and pick up fights unnecessarily. Be careful of such behavior