If you and your partner share these star signs, maybe it isn't made to last

While it is customary to think that some signs of the zodiac are made to live together, others are few, if not totally incompatible. Find out if your star sign is part of this list that isn't meant to be together.

Star Signs That Should Not Be Together

1. Scorpio and Aries:

An intense fire consumes these two signs, which in many respects are very similar. Drunk carnal and sensual pleasures, Scorpio and Aries could perfectly pair under a duvet during intense and passionate lovemaking. But in the end, their relationship is based solely on sex. Not to mention that Aries is impulsive and adventurous while Scorpio tends to be more reserved and methodical.

2. Capricorn and Leo:

Controlling their world and asserting their authority over others, these are two things that seem like a Capricorn and a Lion. But if this attraction to power can bring them together, their character traits ultimately divide them. Indeed, Leo is a very passionate and emotional being while Capricorn is more rational and logical. These are the differences that make them difficult to compatible in the long term.

3. Gemini and Cancer:

Uncertain by nature, a Gemini will be very moody which can be difficult for the natives of Cancer, who lack the patience. Gemini are erratic and spontaneous in their feelings. They are emotional roller coasters which tend to scare away Cancers.

4. Leo and Taurus:

These two zodiac signs are both very emotional. Solar and playful creatures, they always tend to listen to their emotions and follow their hearts. Although this may be good, it can also lead both of them to make irrational and illogical decisions that can be detrimental to their relationship.

Check out the video above to see the other four astrological mismatches!

These Are The Stars That Share Your Astrological Sign These Are The Stars That Share Your Astrological Sign