8 signs that reveal your marriage is hitting the rocks

It is National Divorce Day and lawyers are busy attending to couples who have reached their breaking point over the holidays.

Every January, over 40,000 unhappy Britons Google divorce, and legal firms are bracing for a busy day because it is the first working Monday of the year. According to divorce coach Sarah Woodward, the seasonal surge is due to the stresses of Christmas, when families spend more time together. She explains:

Often couples have existing issues in their relationship and they hope that spending the period together will bring them closer, but it doesn’t.
Financial stress and the desire for a perfect Christmas brings it all to a head and it’s the final straw. Others might have waited to have one last Christmas with the kids before going ahead with a split.

Whatever the case may be, if your relationship has any of these eight signs, it may be that your marriage is heading towards a divorce.

They ask you for bills

If you wear a new outfit and your partner’s first reaction relates to the price of the dress, it is a warning sign. While asking about the expenditure may be okay in a few cases, asking you to show them receipts crosses the line.

No arguments

A healthy marriage is one where the two of you can argue respectfully and value each other’s opinions. Arguments are a necessary building block for every relationship. So, if you and your partner do not argue at all, it may be that you two have given up on the relationship.

End of the day

Everyone loves to come back home at the end of the day and spend some time with their partners. However, if your first reaction to going home is worrying about your partner's mood, your home is not a happy and safe place for you any more.

Your idea of a weekend

Weekends are a time to rejoice, relax and reconnect. The two days when you can do whatever you feel the happiest doing. If either of you chooses to spend time with just your friends, it is a red flag.

Your go-to person

Who is the first person you would call if something good or bad happens? Calling your family is okay, but if your partner is last on your list or your friends come before them, it is likely, they do not mean as much to you.

Partner ‘night’ out

If your partner is on a night out with their friends, and you instantly get anxious and have insecure thoughts, it is time to have 'the talk' in your relationship. Continuously checking their social media throughout the night is not a healthy sign.

What if?

One of the best ways to know if you have feelings for someone is to imagine them with another person. If the thought of your partner with someone else does not make you feel bad, sad or jealous, it may be that your feelings are over for them. Indifference is not an option in marriage.

Kids talk

If your children come up to you and tell you that you look unhappy, you need to get out of the relationship. Your happiness comes first! If you cannot work things out, there is no point watering a dead plant. Choose you before anything else.

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