6 signs that show you're not really in love

Sometimes you feel good about a person and think they are really the one. These signs will help you to know if you are really in love with them.

You feel butterflies in your stomach and right away you think you are in love. But sometimes we tend to confuse love with mere attraction.

For example, if you go out of your way to please him or her, forgetting in the meantime what makes you happy, you'll end up in trouble. You will end up resenting them, and they will not understand why. Don't forget that in order to feel good in a relationship, you have to first feel good about yourself.

Generally, this means taking time for yourself. If you are together too often, there may be something wrong, although some couples do this and everything is fine. In any case, make time for yourself.

You should also question yourself if what attracts you in the first place is their physical appearance, and you find it hard to think of anything else. A physique is replaceable, and that's what you risk doing if that's all that matters to you when it comes to them.

1. You are already thinking about moving on from them

This may leave the door open, but of course, if you are willing to move on from them, you are probably not in love… Unless you're in an open relationship!

2. You don’t show your true self

If you can't be 100% yourself with them, something is not right…

3. You can't be without them for 5 minutes

Being a close couple sounds like a dream on paper, but even though you are a couple, you are also a person in your own right. You must not forget this person and give yourself time to yourself, without the other person.

4. It’s only about the physical

If you think your partner is super-hot, be careful not to be just in love with their looks, there's more to being truly in love than purely the physical.

5. Not knowing who the other person really is

Be careful not to fall in love with your idea of them!

6. Beware of extreme devotion

If you go out of your way to please him or her, it's not really doing them a favour and it's certainly not love.

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