15 Last Minute Date Ideas To Suit Every Type Of Lover This Valentine's Day

Don't let finances, boredom or stale routine get in the way of love...

Ah, Valentine's day... You either love it or hate it and it just never seems to go quite as planned. Whether that over-priced restaurant you booked ends up miles below your expectations or you've just plain old forgotten to book the table, it seems cupid needs a hand once in a while when it comes to whipping up the perfect date. There's no one single way to express your love to your favourite person, so it never hurts to think outside the box.

So, whether your love has lasted a lifetime or simply just getting started, who said you can't have your own adventure along the way? We picked 15 last-minute date ideas to help you save your Valentine's day, no matter what your dating style. Whether you're a classic romantic or a modest lover, take a look and get inspired.

By Johanna Garner

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