10 fun things to do at home with your partner

Tired of sleeping your way through the weekend and binge-watching series and movies? Do not worry, we got you covered.

Amidst the entire charade of keeping ourselves safe, keeping the relationship alive without those spontaneous plans and parties becomes equally necessary. The separation rate during COVID has gone alarmingly high. Even the strongest of relationships are tested during this time.

According to a BBC report, relationship experts have warned that the pandemic induced break up curve has still not peaked yet and, there may be more to come. Thus, keeping the spark alive becomes an essential part of the relationship. We have prepared a list of fun activities you and your partner could do together.

Take over the kitchen

Somebody has to cook, right? Then why not both? Pick a dish and get to it. This is your time to experiment with your cooking style and discover new flavours!

Read to each other

Read out extracts of your favourite book to your partner. Maybe put in little emotions and expression in it and make it a fun theatre night?

Become a party planner

Host a surprise virtual party for your partner, organise a fun game night/wine and dine with your friends and family and put a smile on their face!

Get fit together

Your gym might be closed, but your motivation should not be. Get that yoga mat or weights out and start a work out regime together.

Do a 'Get to know me' session

You know how they say you could be with a person for 10 years and still not know them? That could actually be true. Get yourself a list of questions you would like to know about your partner or, pick a random list on the internet.

Learn a new skill together

With so many options available for taking virtual classes and workshops, you cannot possibly know all the art forms. Pick a hobby together and get enrolled now!


No, not that kind. Get your roleplay attires out of the bedroom and keep up the act for a whole day! Live out the story of the characters at your convenience.

Become a bartender

Experiment with the liquor cabinet, mix and match a few drinks and chaser and prepare your own new cocktail.

Play online escape room

Find virtual mystery games or escape rooms that you could play together and enjoy a fun game night.

Self-care day

Do a skincare regime together with your partner, put on a mask, play some soothing music and just have a relaxing night.

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