Why do cats meow when they want to come inside...And then go outside again?

Why do our cats meow all the time when they want us to let them in and out of a room? Here is the scientific answer to this daily stress that our cats have to deal with.

Have you ever noticed that our cats seem in distress by constantly meowing when they want to come in and almost immediately leave a room? However, although our small bundles of fur do this, it’s not actually because they want to drive us crazy.

Marking their territory

In reality, this is actually an instinctive behaviour as scientists have explained. In the same way that cats like to rub up against walls (and us as well), they simply meow because they want to mark their territory. When they pass through the same place multiple times, cats give off pheromones (chemical substances similar to hormones) that let other cats know that this territory belongs to them and they shouldn’t trespass under any circumstances!

It's all about communication

There's also another reason cats meowat us when they want to go in our out... communication. Over time cats have learned to meow just to communicate with people. Next time you see some adultcats, pay attention and you'll notice that cat's don't meow to each other. Instead, they use a system of scent, body language, facial expression and touch to communicate with each other.

Cats consider doors and windows actual obstacles that get in their way in their environment. So, to get around this, you have two possible solutions. You can either install a cat flap to let your cat come and go as it pleases, or you can keep being the doorman for your little furry friend.

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