In Colorado, People Are Sharing Their Wine With Their Cats

Marketing clearly knows no bounds when it targets the alcohol market ! Your cat can now join you for drinks and sip a glass of wine without alcohol…

From now on, you can not only bring your cat to casual drinks with friends, but not have your cat feel left out by bringing their bottle of wine (without alcohol) ! American brand Apollo Peak has marketed a wine specifically for cats. We love the names of the different varieties: the "Pinot Meow", a "Catbernet", or a "Moscato" .... Your cat can be as picky as they want!

The Colorado (Denver, USA) based company, explains the genesis of their project and praises drinking with your pet: ‘You know the scene: you come home late after a hard day's work and all you want is to relax by opening a nice bottle, but you do not have anyone to drink with. Well, you have a cat but cats do not drink wine, right? False! Well, almost ...’

The Apollo Peak wine takes care of our animal friends. The drink is obviously alcohol-free, made with natural products, mainly beetroot and organic herbs.

Though the wines do not contain alcohol, your feline may get a little tipsy because of the catnip that is included in its special drink. It is an aromatic and medicinal plant that cats love because it contains a chemical - nepetalactone - that triggers sex pheromones in the cats’ brain.


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