Vladimir Putin’s health is rapidly declining, claims ex-British spy

Claims about the Russian President being sick with various diseases have been spreading like wildfire. Recently a British ex-spy also weighed in on the situation.

The Russia-Ukraine war continues head-on, as both the countries battle against each other. However, besides the news of ongoing war, the rumour surrounding theRussian President’s health seems to be escalating every day. The latest speculations are about cancer, Parkinson's disease, and some also suggest dementia.

Former British spy reveals

It’s not the first time that secrets about Vladimir Putin had been spilt. Some old tapes that were recorded by a Russian oligarch have recently been recovered. They disclosed that Putin might potentially have blood cancer, however, nothing has been concretely proven. Now another ‘insider’ is speaking out about the health of the controversial Kremlin leader. Christopher Steele, a former British spy who worked in Russia for years and even headed the Russia division of the spy agency - as Business Insider reports - claims:

We have the impression that there is increasing disorder and chaos in the Kremlin. There is no clear political leadership coming from Putin, who is increasingly sick. And in military terms, the command structures are not functioning as they should.

A team of doctors

In an interview with the British radio station LBC, the British ex-spy gave an insight into how the Russian President is doing at the moment. Steele explains, for example, that Vladimir Putin is constantly accompanied by teams of doctors. Government meetings are constantly interrupted because the Kremlin leader needs constant medical examinations. This would have ‘very serious implications for Russia's leadership’, as Steele points out:

The Security Council meetings, which are supposed to last a full hour, are actually divided into several sections.... he goes out and receives medical treatment between these sections.

The former British spy allegedly obtained this information from a ‘fairly secure’ source. However, it is not yet possible to say with certainty what illness Vladimir Putin is suffering from, but Steele also thinks it would be Parkinson's.

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