Vladimir Putin alleged assassination attempt failed

The Kremlin leader was a victim of an assassination attempt, nearly two months ago, reports the head of Ukrainian intelligence.

Three months ago today, on February 24 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Roughly two months after, an assassination attempt was made on Vladimir Putin. At least that is what Kyrylo Budanov, a senior Ukrainian military official, says.

Putin targeted in Caucasus

Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine's defence intelligence, spoke in an interview with the online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, as reported by the New York Post. According to him, the assassination attempt took place in the Caucasus region, on the border between Europe and Asia, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in southern Russia. The man described the incident as a ‘failed attempt’. Budanov informed the Ukrainian media:

There was an attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin. He was attacked by representatives of the Caucasus not so long ago.

He elaborated that ‘the event was not publicised’, however it did occur in an ‘unspecific region about two months ago’.

Is the Russian leader close to death?

There are already many rumours about Putin's state of health, with some suspecting cancer (possibly blood cancer) and others suspecting Parkinson's disease, due to his shaking and twitching body in video footage of his public appearances.

Putin is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatment at the same time. The Russian authorities have so far denied all allegations concerning the health of their leader. In any case, it seems as though the national leader is alert and doing his best to thwart threats such as these from coming his way.

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