The British government is handing out £400 for energy bills, here’s how to claim it

It seems as though there is no end in sight to the cost of living crisis. As a result, the British government is offering £400 for energy bills. Here’s how to claim it.

Households across the UK are currently struggling with their monthly bills due to the cost of living crisis. The government has already offered help, such as food vouchers for families and other helpful programs. The latest scheme is to offer help with energy bills.

£400 for energy

As reported by Sky News, a £400 discount will be offered by energy suppliers for 6 months. The scheme will begin in October. The goal is to offer financial support during the winter months.

This scheme will be available for all households in England, Wales and Scotland. Despite this extra help, MPs believe that millions of people in the UK will face ‘unmanageable debt’ if the government doesn’t pitch in more.

How does it work?

According to Sky News, under the Energy Bills Support Scheme, households with a domestic electricity meter point and which pay their energy bill with a standard credit, payment card and direct debit will automatically receive a £400 deduction on their bills.

Those who have a traditional prepayment meter will receive Energy Bill discount vouchers during the first week of every month via text message, email or post. Those using this method will have to redeem their voucher at a local PayPoint or Post Office branch.

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