Sadiq Khan has an eye-watering salary, here's how much he gets paid as Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan has been the mayor of London since 2016. But how much does he get paid for his job? The figure has now been revealed.

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London salary
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Sadiq Khan Mayor of London salary

Sadiq Khan is responsible for all things London - from monitoring the city's budget to housing and environment, and his work has an impact on millions of lives daily. Re-elected as London Mayor in May 2021, he beat his Conservative rival Shaun Bailey and continues to be a very popular politician in Britain.

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Sadiq Khan is also one of the officials who took a voluntary pay cut during the COVID-19 lockdowns, in solidarity with those who were sent home and missed out on their earnings.

The move reduced the Mayor’s wage by 10% due to the impact the pandemic was having on the Greater London Authority's (GLA) finances, although it was still eye-watering compared to an average wage in the country.

Sadiq Khan has since decided to return to his full salary and the six-figure amount he earns today has been revealed.

Earlier this year, British PM Rishi Sunak's wealth also sparked heated debate and made headlines in national press.

How much is the London Mayor paid?

The Mayor of London's wage is determined by an independent body called the London Assembly's Remuneration Committee. The committee sets the salary for him, his deputy, and the members of the London Assembly. And it turns out, the amount sounds eye-watering to manyas it exceeds the UK average pay, which was approximately £31,000 in 2020, by a wide margin.

Sadiq Khan’s full salary is £152,734 per year. A good chunk of it won’t end up in the Mayor’s pocket though as it is subject to income tax and National Insurance obligations.

It is thought that Sadiq Khan's decision to take a 10% pay cut helped the GLA save some £14,000 during the pandemic.

But the six-figure salary is not the only privilege the Mayor of London has.

What other privileges does the London mayor have?

Sadiq Khan’s salary has occasionally generated criticism from the opposition, given the cost of living crisis Britain is going through now.

Some have said that the Mayor's compensation is excessive, given the fact that he also has access to a number of privileges and allowances such as an official home at City Hall and a car with a driver.

The Mayor of London has also been criticised for spending millions on public relations during the pandemic.

GLA Conservatives' Leader Susan Hall said back in 2021:

Londoners will be amazed that the Mayor could increase his PR bill to more than £ 1 million considering how often he complains he is broke.

But Sadiq Khan defended the costs by insisting that ‘engaging with the media’ was crucial in order to keep Londoners informed about key decisions that impact their lives.

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