Sadiq Khan: Who is Saadiya Ahmed, his wife of almost 30 years?

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been married for nearly 30 years. Here is what we know about his wife Saadiya Ahmed and their family life.

Sadiq Khan: Who is Saadiya Ahmed, his wife of almost 30 years?
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Sadiq Khan: Who is Saadiya Ahmed, his wife of almost 30 years?

Back in 2016, Sadiq Khan made history by becoming the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital.

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It reflected the diversity, inclusion and progressive spirit of the British capital but not everyone was happy about it, the politician admitted.

Khan has recently opened up about his physical health and mental state struggle.

London Mayor revealed that dealing with the aftermaths of the terror attacks took its toll on him, while his religious views - too strong for some and too moderate for others - saw himreceive abuse and death threats, ultimately leading to him developing PTSD.

His difficult position also made him the third most guarded person in the UK after King Charles and PM Rishi Sunak.

It is only natural that facing all this pressure, he couldn’t have made it through without a strong partner by his side. His wife Saadiya Ahmed - a working mum herself - has been by Khan’s side for nearly thirty years.

Here is what we know about her and the couple's family life.

Who is Saadiya Ahmed, Sadiq Khan’s wife of 30 years?

Sadiq Khan came from a humble background and used his ability to relate to ordinary Londoners as a strong argument in his election campaigns.

A son of a bus driver and a seamstress, he grew up in a cramped-up flat and, unlike a lot of other high-profile politicians, went to a state-funded school.

But despite modest start, he went on to study law and, upon earning his university degree, put it to excellent use, becoming a trainee solicitor at Christian Fisher in 1994.

The same year he met someone who’d be by his side through thick and thin for the next 30 years - a fellow lawyer Saadiya Ahmed, ironically, also a daughter of a bus driver.

The couple didn’t wait too long until tying the knot.

Ahmed was born in Pakistan, and like her husband, raised in the Islamic faith.

She has her own successful legal career and still practices law, reportedly 'earning thousands' through her own ‘consultancy firm'.

Sources say that Khan’s wife played an essential role in his personal and political journey.

She is often seen accompanying her husband on official engagements and representing the city alongside him.

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Do Sadiq Khan and Saadiya Ahmed have children?

The couple can often be seen together. Both moderate Muslims, they don't shun away from displaying their affection for each other and look pretty loved-up.

They have two daughters, Anisah and Ammarah.

Although they don’t share many details about their private life, the Mayor of London often speaks fondly of his family and credits them for keeping him grounded and motivated.

In one of the interviews with Evening Standard, he spoke about the freedoms that his Muslim daughters have and expressed his worry about seeing ‘more niqabs’ on the streets of London.

He said:

What’s insidious is if people are starting to think it is appropriate to treat women differently or that it has been forced on them. What worries me is children being forced to adopt a lifestyle.

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Sadiq Khan is reportedly the third most guarded person in the UK, here's why he needs so much security Sadiq Khan is reportedly the third most guarded person in the UK, here's why he needs so much security