Sir David Attenborough: This is how much money he reportedly earns per minute

Sir David Attenborough has been on national television for quite some time. Since moving his documentaries to other platforms, his income has increased!

Sir David Attenborough earns a staggering amount per minute
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Sir David Attenborough earns a staggering amount per minute

Sir David Attenborough, who was knighted for the second time in 2022, has been making documentaries for years now. Documentaries such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Our Planet and so much more aired on the BBC.

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According to The Sun, Sir Attenborough earned £1.3 million in 2022 appearing in four critically-acclaimed documentaries. In 2022, the broadcaster appeared in Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard, Dinosaurs: The Final Day, and Attenborough's Wonder of Song for the BBC, plus Global Adventure for Sky.

Sir David has been working with the BBC for years now and has decided to branch out. Indeed he now works with streaming services in order to connect with the younger generation.

Sir David Attenborough is branching out to other platforms

As mentioned before, we know that Sir Attenborough has been working with the BBC for years, however, he has started to branch out to other platforms.

Indeed, he now works with Netflix and Apple TV as a narrator and is also working with Sky. A source told The Sun:

Sir David is very switched on when it comes to how he works.
He’d spent over 60 years loyal to the Beeb before he looked to streaming channels.
It means sharing his fervent environmental message further, and reaching younger generations, but also makes great business sense.

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Sir David Attenborough earns over £3,000 a minute

In 2022, the broadcaster had four nature shows running, three on the BBC and one on Sky. The 96-year-old, who’s admitted that filming is becoming more difficult, earned £3,342 a minute, as reported by The Sun.

David Attenborough has other sources of income besides his educational documentaries. His company David Attenborough (Productions) Ltd earned a whopping £2.8m in 2021 for trading. After taxes and bills, his company earned a profit of £1.8m in 2021.

Since 2017, Sir David Attenborough has recorded 9 TV series with the latest being Wild Isles, which took three years to film and is a five-part series.

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