Nigel Farage: Why is the Reform founder not standing as MP in the upcoming General Elections?

After Rishi Sunak announced that the General Elections will take place on 4 July, Nigel Farage quickly addressed whether or not he would stand as an MP.

Nigel Farage Reform General Elections Donald Trump
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Nigel Farage Reform General Elections Donald Trump

It's been many years since Nigel Farage has stepped away as an active politician, even though he actively discusses political issues as a GB News presenter. The politician-turned-host, and also reality TV star after going on I'm A Celeb as a top-paid contestant, was a leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) until he stepped down 2016. He is currently the founder and honorary president of right-wing nationalist party Reform UK.

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Nigel Farage reveals his decision

There was ongoing speculation whether Nigel Farage, who has never actually been a member of parliament, would return to the game and stand as MP for Reform UK in the upcoming elections announced by Rishi Sunak. However, Farage quickly dismissed the rumours. He posted a statement saying he has thought 'long and hard' and decided that:

It is not the right time for me to go any further than that.

He explained that he fully supports Richard Rice, the current party leader, and urged his followers to vote for the party. He added:

I will do my bit to help in the campaign.

That being said, Farage has admitted that he came very close to running as an MP but changed his mind in the very last minute. He said, as quoted by The Sun:

I had a plan, actually. I'll let you in on a secret. I was going to launch tomorrow - I had a venue booked, I had it all ready to go.

Why has Nigel Farage backed out?

He then revealed why he decided not to launch and said that it was hard to win a constituency 'without data' and in such a short time frame. Moreover, he said that:

It's even harder to win when you're Nigel Farage, because the other side will cheat.

He also explained in his initial announcement that his priorities were not exactly on the UK elections—he had work to do in other places, or rather another country entirely.

Indeed, the Brit has been helping in Donald Trump's campaign on the other side of the Atlantic. He said that the elections in the US held 'global significance' and that having them as an ally is 'vital for our peace and security'. He concluded:

I intend to help with the grassroots campaign in the USA in any way I can.

Is Nigel Farage starting a career in the US?

It is currently unclear as to how he is involved in Donald Trump's campaign but he campaigned for Trump in 2020 and even interviewed him at Mar-a-Lago, his infamous residence that a former staffer recently spoke about.

He's been hinting at his interest in the US for a while now, and a few days before his announcement, he revealed on TalkTV that he had received job offers in the US and was seriously considering them. He said:

I honestly truthfully haven't yet made my mind up - and I haven't got long left to do it. At the minute, I'm leaning towards America.

His revelation led to many believing that he received an offer directly from Trump, but Farage has denied those rumours as well. He said that even if he was offered a job from the administration, he would probably not take it because it would be 'highly inappropriate' given that he's British and not American.

As per Politico he also said at a campaign event that he wouldn't become 'an official advisor for Trump if he was elected' but didn't mind doing in in an unofficial capacity.

For now, Farage is staying mum about how exactly he plans to help with the 'grassroots' campaign. Nevertheless, it seems like he's ready to help Trump, who is currently waiting a verdict in his hush-money trial, in any way he can.

What is Nigel Farage's relationship with the former POTUS?

Nigel Farage and Donald Trump's relationship goes way back to 2016, when he won the elections in the United States. According to Politico, Farage was the first British politician who met with the then-President.

Trump even delivered a special message to Farage for his 60th birthday in April. He called the Reform founder a 'prophetic leader' and said he was looking forward to his next move, he added:

Congratulations on a truly remarkable 60 years on this Earth, your achievements have been incredible— happy birthday!

The two have only had good words for each other, with Trump once suggesting that Farage should be appointed as ambassador to Washington by the UK government.

Farage, an ambassador to the US

Earlier this year, the former UKIP leader himself presented the idea to the Labour party himself, and said that they should use him to help bridge the gap, if Trump win the elections.

Labour must think very, very hard in the national interest about what they are going to do with an incoming Trump administration.
You’ve got to have someone who can actually walk into the Oval Office and talk face to face with an incoming President Trump.

Although he said he was 'half joking' about the proposition, political commentator Theo Usherwood believes that Farage could be key to dealing with the Trump government no matter which party gets elected in July.

Needless to say, only time will tell whether Farage's Trump card will be put to use by either the Tories or the Labour party.

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