Suella Braverman: Why does the former Home Secretary still have security despite being fired?

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman opens up about why she still needs 24/7 police protection - the same level that she received when she was a cabinet minister.

Suella Braverman 24/7 security
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Suella Braverman 24/7 security

The former Home Secretary Suella Braverman was sacked by Rishi Sunak in November last year. The Prime Minister of the UK - who is entitled to an annual salary of £80,807 as the PM - is understood to have sacked her after pressure mounted on him to act against her. Braverman was one of the most visible cabinet ministers for Rishi Sunak but her comments have often proved a thorn in Mr Sunak's side, according to BBC.

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After Braverman was sacked last year, she recently revealed that she still gets 24/7 protection despite not being a cabinet minister. The issue of security for MPs has been a huge factor in this UK election.

Why does Suella Braverman still have security despite getting fired?

In February 2024, the home office announced a £31 million budget for security for politicians. All election candidates now have access to panic alarms and a named police contact to liaise with on security matters. Amidst this, when Braverman revealed she gets 24/7 security it was strange but here’s the reason behind it.

In February, The Telegraph reported that Braverman has been allowed to keep 24-hour police protection since leaving the office as she receives threats on a ‘daily basis.’ The threats come as a result of her outspoken views on Israel. The level of harassment she still receives essentially means she’s entitled to 24/7 security.

Describing a recent supermarket incident she had, Braverman told BBC that a couple of people called her a ‘genocidal bleep’ in front of her children. She said:

It's obviously about the issue to do with Israel and Hamas. And a couple of people came very close up to me. They said ‘Hey, this is Suella Braverman. You're a genocidal bleep'.

Braverman explained how the incident was ‘aggressive, abusive and intimidatory and harassing’. She added that the people who called her names then phoned their friends to join in on the abuse but she was able to be insulated by her security.

The 44-year-old added that some pro-Palestinian activists also found out where her husband worked and sent him abusive phone messages. While she understands that receiving abuse is the ‘bread and butter’ of being in politics, she added:

I've never incited violence. I've never threatened to attack anybody. I've never encouraged anybody to be violent.
I have set out very legitimate views, about political issues because I'm a politician and it's my job to do so. It's not an excuse to tell someone you're going to kill them or rape them or kill their child.

Why was Suella Braverman fired and what is she doing now?

Braverman was sacked after she criticised the police for being too lenient towards pro-Palestinian protesters. The government said at that time that she left her job as part of a cabinet reshuffle ahead of a general election expected next year. However, the sacking came after she drew anger from her opinion piece for The Timesof London.

After getting fired as the Home Secretary, Braverman was the Conservative candidate for Fareham and Waterlooville in the 2024 General Election, reports Firstpost. She has represented the people of Fareham since 2015, being re-elected in 2017 and 2019.

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