Elizabeth Hurley: The actress continues to show support for Brexit amid upcoming General Elections

Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has reiterated in a new interview that she is a Brexit supporter. This comes as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that a General Election will be held in July.

Elizabeth Hurley Brexit
Elizabeth Hurley Brexit

On 22 May 2024, Prime Minister Sunak announced that the first General Election since 12 December 2019 would be held in the UK. In an unexpected manner, the politician revealed that the date of this election was going to be 4 July 2024 — many had expected a later date.

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This summer, voters will be able to choose their local MP and, though a General Election doesn’t mean you get to directly vote for a new Prime Minister, the party which receives the most seats in the House of Commons usually sees its leader become the new PM.

Amidst this shifting political climate, an interview of actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, who's recent confession about ageing shocked fans, has been gaining some traction. In it she reiterated her support for Brexit.

Elizabeth Hurley still supports Brexit

If you didn’t pay attention to Elizabeth Hurley in 2016 then this new statement may come as a surprise. Indeed, the woman is usually in the spotlight concerning her bikini photos or a film her son directed — a movie for which her only child directed her in a lesbian sex scene.

According to Express on 24 May 2024, Hurley was interviewed by The Times’ Jane Garvey and Fi Glover for their podcast Off Air. Though the interview was released on 15 May 2024, it is only now attracting attention.

In the interview the actress makes it evident that she hasn’t changed her mind: she still supports Brexit. When asked if how Brexit unfolded changed her way to vote, Hurley simply said ‘no’.

Why was Hurley even asked about Brexit?

The reason behind this line of questioning is simple: back in 2016, when politicians were campaigning Leave or Remain in the EU, Hurley publicly shared her support for the Leave Campaign.

That year, the actress posted about the election on her Instagram — her post consisted of a naked picture of her hiding behind a big Union Jack pillow which she was holding. Her caption read:

Every voice matters. Vote tomorrow- whatever your persuasion. I'm voting #Brexit#voteleave No gloating from the winners- no whinging from the losers VOTE!!

At the time The Standard reported that the post managed to amass over 4,000 likes in around two hours and that people in the star’s comments were saying that the nature of the picture was ‘enough to make them join the Leave campaign’.

To contextualise her choice, the 2016 Brexit campaign was just a mere few months after Hurley had sold her organic farm. Talking about the experience in May 2024 in The Times’ podcast she explained that leaving the EU was strongly motivated by the EU regulations and paperwork.

We were part of the EU at that time. All I can say at that time is that the paperwork was absolutely astonishing. I don't think any farmer could fill it out by himself.
Everybody had to hire people to do it. It was the most confusing system I'd ever seen. [...] So you're right, everything did change for landowners, or has half changed or not really changed, and nobody really understands it.

Hurley wasn’t the only celebrity to publicly support Brexit. Sir Michael Cain and Joan Collins were also strong supporters of the Leave Campaign.

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