Keir Starmer: The new Prime Minister branded ‘ruthless’ after announcing new cabinet

On July 5, 2024, Sir Keir Starmer became the UK's new Prime Minister. He is the leader of the Labour Party. As he settles in, he has already been branded ‘ruthless’ for his cabinet decisions.

Keir Starmer Prime Minister ruthless cabinet
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Keir Starmer Prime Minister ruthless cabinet

The UK is currently going through some major changes as the country has just elected a new Prime Minister. Indeed, on July 5, 2024, the British voted in the General elections, and the Labour Party won, meaning the Tory government was over after 14 years in Parliament.

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The new Prime Minister (PM) is Sir Keir Starmer, who will see a salary increase as PM, and he has been the leader of the Labour Party since 2020. As Starmer settles in Number 10 Downing Street, he is already making some surprising decisions concerning his cabinet. He has even been dubbed ‘ruthless’ after only a few days in power.

Indeed, the PM has set a new record after appointing key cabinet positions and has surprisingly snubbed one person.

Sir Keir Starmer appoints his new cabinet

As mentioned above, as the new PM, Sir Keir Starmer, who has a surprising story concerning his name, can appoint people to his new cabinet. According to BBC News, the Labour leader, who has been married for 15 years, has chosen to appoint 22 Labour MPs and peers to key cabinet positions. These new members of his cabinet include 11 women, which is a new record.

Here’s the full list of names in Starmer’s new cabinet:

  • Angela Rayner: Deputy Prime Minister
  • Rachel Reeves: Chancellor
  • David Lammy: Foreign Secretary
  • Yvette Cooper: Home Secretary
  • Pat McFadden: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Shabana Mahmood: Justice Secretary
  • John Healey: Defence Secretary
  • Wes Streeting: Health Secretary
  • Bridget Phillipson: Education Secretary
  • Ed Miliband - former Labour Leader from 2010 to 2015: Energy Secretary
  • Liz Kendall: Work and Pensions Secretary
  • Jonathan Reynolds: Business and Trade Secretary
  • Louise Haigh: Transport Secretary
  • Steve Reed: Environment Secretary
  • Lisa Nandy: Culture Secretary
  • Hilary Benn: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • Ian Murray: Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Jo Stevens: Secretary of State for Wales
  • Lucy Powell: Leader of the Commons
  • Baroness Smith of Basildon: Leader of the Lords
  • Alan Campbell: Chief Whip
  • Darren Jones: Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  • Richard Hermer: Attorney General

Among the 22 appointed Labour MPs, Sir Starmer has made some interesting choices. As per Huffington Post, some of the new MPs are non-political ministers and he has left out one person who was expected to be a cabinet member. As a result, the new PM is being branded ‘ruthless’ by several media.

Sir Keir Starmer leaves out Emily Thornberry

As reported by Daily Mail, Sir Keir Starmer has left out Emily Thornberry from his cabinet and instead appointed Richard Hermer KC as his Attorney General. As per the tabloid, it was believed that Thornberry would be announced as Starmer’s cabinet as she has served as shadow attorney general since 2021.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the new PM appointed Hermer in her place. Thornberry was also shadow attorney general from 2011 until 2014 but was let go for sneering at a daily home covered with England flags.

According to Daily Mail, Richard Hermer is a high-profile human rights lawyer from Matrix Chambers, who is said to be able to command the respect of others at the bar. This m may come as a shock for Thornberry as she has been on the Labour Party’s front benches for several years now, as per Huffington Post.

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