Female urinals are coming soon to the UK, here's how you should use it

The first women's urinal in the UK has received a bomb in financing. Here is what it is and how to use one.

Establishing female urinals and how to use it
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Establishing female urinals and how to use it

A £250,000 fundraising round has been secured for the UK's first women's urinal. This innovative technique of women being able to pee without having to sit or squat is a brand-new innovation.

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The pioneers, Amber Probyn, 23, and Hazel McShane, 25, of the project 'Peequal' want to establish pee-equality. Well, thank you.

Eco-friendly PEEQUAL

Female urinal

It often gets dicey to pee in public, but with Peequals being established around the UK, we can now urinate in peace. Hazel says:

This funding is not only a huge vote of confidence in PEEQUAL but also a big moment for pee equality the world over. We want PEEQUAL to empower women to take back their time and break the taboo around female urination.

Their flatpack portable urinals constructed of recycled marine plastics are six times faster to use than regular portable toilets and emit 98 percent less carbon, agrees investors.

Tom Blomfield, co-founder of Monzo, expresses:

I’m proud to be an investor in PEEQUAL – it’s important that women have access to toilets that are quick, safe and sustainable. I was really impressed with Hazel and Amber’s drive and determination, and the progress they’ve made with the business is magnificent. I’m sure you’ll see more of their urinals at UK festivals this summer.

How to use it

How to use it

With 250 units already under construction and many partnerships with large-scale festival organizers set to be struck in the coming weeks, Amber and Hazel's urinals will become a frequent sight at British festivals and events.

Are you wondering how exactly to use this innovative toilet? Follow these steps:

  1. Use a female urination device (FUD) or stand-to-pee (STP) device, which you will find on Amazon.uk for around £3 (it's like a tube to guide your pee)
  2. Place yourself in a comfortable position
  3. Direct your stream and let it out!
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