Donald Trump: Another embarrassing blunder sees him forget when he was President

Donald Trump wants to be re-elected as President but first he has to go through several legal battles. While in court in New York the former President couldn't recall one crucial piece of information...

Donald Trump embarrassing moment in court
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Donald Trump embarrassing moment in court

Donald Trump is currently on trial in New York. This trial started on 2 October and will determine the penalties the 45th President will face for enfrauding banks and insurers. While this trial cannot result in prison time, it can, and so can the other trials, put in jeopardy his run at the 2024 presidency.

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The civil fraud case, ruled solely by Judge Arthur Engoron, has already seen many ups and downs. This week is no different...

Donald Trump takes the stand...

As the trial has been unfolding, Trump has been continuously protesting. On more than one occasion, he described the court proceedings as a smear campaign designed by his political opponents.

However, this trial has nothing to do with his time as a politician but instead focuses on his business. At the end of September, Judge Engoron already found Trump guilty of committing fraud in order to get favourable loans and insurance contracts.

Now, he and his sons, Donald Jr and Eric, have taken the stand in order to prove that they had no knowledge of fraudulent statements being made. Trump could end up paying at least $250 million and lose his business licence.

... and forgets when he was president during the interview

Since the beginning of this trial, Trump has denied everything. However, one thing he can't deny is the fact that he uses the press posted outside the courtroom as a way to make constant jabs at witnesses, prosecutors and even the judge.

However, it now seems like Trump is getting confused and had yet another embarrassing blunder. This time about his own time in the Oval office. On X, reporter Stewart Bishop writes:

Trump brings up the 2021 valuation of the joint venture, but says he wasn’t really involved with it.
Trump says he was very busy as president.
“My threshold was China, Russia and keeping our country safe,” Trump says.

Of course, many know that Trump's term ended in January 2021. That means that he was no longer president when the balance sheets were drawn up. This new blunder is ironic considering the fact that he keeps painting his opponent, as an 'old, senile man' with memory issues.

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X: @stewartbishop

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