These 4 Zodiac signs are the biggest flirts of all the time

Do you know someone who has a knack for flirting? They might belong to any of these listed zodiac signs, after all! *wink wink*

If you have ever been in a situation where you have wanted to flirt but the words that have come out of your mouth sounded more like a broken trumpet than a sweet love song, you will know that flirting is an art. Spoiler – And not everyone is an artist! While some struggle to even have the courage to say hi to people, some people have mastered the art of flirting. These 4 zodiac signs top the zodiac charts when it comes to being the biggest flirts of all the time


The headstrong and confident Aries are one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac signs. They are lively, passionate, fun and adventurous. Often sexual, these people are never afraid to make the first move and go after what they want. YourTango also explains they are spontaneous and won’t overthink situations into non-action.

flirting 500 days of summer (2009), Dune Entertainment


This social butterfly of the zodiac signs always knows the right things to say to someone. Most of the time, they do not even realise they’re flirting, yes, they are that smooth! Geminis are known for using words to surprise and delight others, and they understand that connecting with others is all about being present and having fun.


Probably the biggest flirt of all the time, Leos's flirting skills are an art. Their charm and charisma play a significant role in making them what they are. Leos are generally sociable, but they have the ability to be more assertive when necessary, through extended eye contact, humorous teasing, and flattery.

Eye contact Dope (2015), Significant Productions


A classic flirt by design, Libra’s owe it all to their ruling planet – Venus. Bustle reports that the sign is not only known for keeping the peace but also romanticising almost everything. Typically outgoing, pleasant, and polite, Libras are also capable of subtly flirting. Since comedy appeals to Libras, they will make you laugh, and by paying attention and remembering your preferences, they will make you feel unique.

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