Practice Makes Perfect: Old Messages Reveal Tommy Fury's Rocky Road To Romeo

Practice Makes Perfect: Old Messages Reveal Tommy Fury's Rocky Road To Romeo

Love Island Contestant, Tommy Fury, has earned himself more than a few on-screen admirers for supplementing his gorgeous looks with equally charming conversation, but old messages reveal that his attractive persona has been a long time in the making! Check out the video to see old messages that will make you cringe!

Love Island has returned for the fifth series of the most-anticipated dating show and with each new contestant coming off smoother than the one before, we’re questioning if the guys are a different breed entirely.

Tommy Fury, the professional boxer from Manchester has been noticeably smooth since joining the cast for the fifth series. Although he may struggle to make an omelette or a simple cup of tea, it seems he is in shallow water when it comes to chatting up the girls.

Having first set his sights on Lucie Donlan, a dramatic recoupling ceremony forced Tommy to decidedly direct his attentions to island newbie, and possible neighbour, Molly-Mae Hague.

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However, thanks to some old messages resurfacing in recent days we can finally see that his apparent ease with the ladies was not always the case and seemingly conversation skills like these were once a work in progress!

The 20-year-old athlete was once a 13-year-old school-boy without the muscular definition or the signature charm of today and we’re thankful to the internet for preserving such precious pleas of devotion that we can share with you today.

Check out the video to see some cringe-worthy messages that will brighten your day!

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