How Much Love Islanders Earn Each Week Revealed!

ITV2 bosses are abiding by their strict code of secrecy regarding all things Love Island however as time ticks on and the launch date draws closer, a few details are escaping their grasp and this discovery is nothing less than shocking!

Love Island is set to return to our screens in just a couple weeks, and while the upcoming islanders are mostly still under wraps, some similarly scandalous information has made its way down the grapevine.

It is expected that for the upcoming series of Love Island, many hopefuls will notoriously sacrifice their jobs for a chance to find love, win £50,000 and all while relaxing at a private Majorcan villa under the Spanish sunshine. However, if you are aware of the show, you will know that it is equally expected that many contestants will only last a few days which has the public wondering, how much will they receive in return for their time on the show?

As it turns out, the islanders are paid on a weekly basis and considering the fact that many will be replaced almost as quickly as they come on, people believe they do not receive enough to make up for the possible difficulties they could face after.

One source has said, “They risk coming out and being trolled on Twitter, their dreams of being a big reality star dashed, work dries up and end-ing up feeling depressed and having issues.”

Click the video to find out exactly how much they make in exchange for one week in the villa.

Image: GettyImages

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