Nintendo 64 game that we all loved is now worth nearly $7,000

It's time to clean out your game library - you might just find a real treasure.

Nintendo game that we all loved is now worth nearly €8,000
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Nintendo game that we all loved is now worth nearly €8,000

Even if it's nowhere near the world record held by 1987's The Legend of Zelda, which sold for €730,000 at auction, this little nugget is getting more valuable.

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Retro games are worth their weight in gold (at least some of them)

It's time to dust off your old game boxes and cartridges. If you're lucky, you might hit the jackpot. Just like Pokémon cards, some games increase in value over time. Obviously, the price varies depending on the rarity, the number of copies, and also the condition of the game. The more intact and complete the set is, the more it is worth. If you have also kept the manual supplied with the game, the price can literally take off.

It must be said that with the dematerialisation of games today, we are not used to keeping our games anymore, except maybe for our favourites and special editions. An old game, a cartridge, a box becomes a real collector's item that we proudly display on our shelf at home (or that we keep well stored in a secret place).

This game can sell for nearly $7,000 today

When we talk about a management game where the character inherits a farm and has to take care of its crops and animals, does that ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about Harvest Moon 64, a worthy ancestor of Stardew Valley. The famous simulation game, originally published in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, has seen its value literally explode in recent years.

Depending on the condition, prices vary between $100 and $7,000, as shown by this recent sale on 22 April 2022 on the Heritage Auctions website. But at that price, the game is still in its box, totally intact and supplied with the manual, also impeccable. The price can be explained by its popularity, but also by the very limited number of games published on the European and American markets.

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