How to Prevent Your Cat From Sharpening Its Claws on Your Furniture

Does your cat love to sharpen its claws on your sofa? According to an expert, it's easy to stop!

cat claws
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cat claws

Did you buy a brand new sofa recently because your cat decided to claim your previous one for its own? Cat scratching is a problem that many pet owners experience. No matter how many times you've explained to your cat not to add his or her personal touch to the decor, they always decide to sharpen their claws on a favourite piece of furniture. William Haddon, an expert and a behaviourist, gave us some effective advice on how to put an end to this behaviour.

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Cat trees

Scratching is an absolute necessity for cats. To prevent yours from doing so on your favourite sofa or armchair however, it is important to provide it with an object on which it can satisfy its desire for sharpening its claws.

A cat tree with a claw sharpener is the best solution. You can find them in all shapes, and for all budgets. Make sure it's designed with a section for claw sharpening, a section that is a bit rougher, or one with strings.

Once you've bought the tree, place it in a strategic place, accessible to the cat, near the sofa for example.

Roypet 32" Cat Tree with Scratching Pad and Perch, grey

Repellents: a good idea?

There are repellents that can prevent your cat from sharpening its claws in the wrong place. This is not an ideal solution, however, and it may even upset your cat, making them feel rejected. The best thing to do is to put catnip powder onto the claw sharpener in order to attract your cat.

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