Lemon: The secret ingredient that can help combat anxiety

Find out the important benefits of lemon. Did you know you can make your very own air purifier? Read more to find out.

Lemon will help you combat anxiety
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Lemon will help you combat anxiety

Cutting up a lemon and placing it next to your bed in a small bowl has several health benefits, which you might require from time to time. Read more to find out what to really do when life gives you lemons.

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Powerful digestion agent

It's a grandmother's remedy that has been widely proven, that drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach improves your digestion (a trick that works even better with hot water).

Not only will it improve your immune system, but also this ‘remedy’ will also have a positive impact on your stomach. Your liver will produce more bile after ingesting lemon water; which will, in turn, make you feel less hungry and help you digest your meals better.

Along with eliminating toxins from your stomach, it also takes care of your teeth and lends a fresh breath.

Natural stress buster

Lemon is known to have antiseptic properties and digestive virtues, but did you know it can also act on your state of mind!

In fact, the scent of lemon helps you feel less anxious and more relaxed. The citrusy fragrance will simply create a positive atmosphere in the room.

DIY lemon purifier

No need to buy those expensive air purifiers from supermarkets, instead why not make your very own.

  1. You need no fancy lemon air purifier to make you feel completely relaxed. Just cut off the top of a lemon and place it upwards. Then cut the top of the fruit in four by making a cross with a knife (without cutting the pieces completely off).
  2. Then place the lemon in a bowl near your bed to circulate the scent of the fruit. You can even place a lemon in a bowl in every corner of the room to make the trick even more effective.

With this little trick, you will feel more relaxed every day. The scent of lemon will improve your concentration and memory. A little lemon flavour every day and your mental capabilities will improve!

This makes you want to bring kilos of lemon to the office? We'll let you check it out with your colleagues.

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