Save money with these fun and genius DIY Halloween costume ideas

With Halloween around the corner and the cost of living crisis making shopping difficult, DIY costumes are a great way to save money. With these simple ideas, all you need are your creative hands.

Save money with these fun and genius DIY Halloween costume ideas
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Save money with these fun and genius DIY Halloween costume ideas

Why spend money on a single-night-wear outfit when you can create one on your own? If you’re still trying to figure out who to dress up as, here are some DIY ideas that won’t break the bank. A tip: stock up on festive makeup and basic craft supplies.

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Draw on some freckles with eyeliner, wear a yellow rain jacket, and nab a blue wig (or use temporary dye) to transform into Coraline.

A sexy skeleton

Whether you are great at makeup or not really, this look is easy to pull off. Take your eyeliner and sexy black clothes out and get drawing.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

All you need for this look are plain simple orange and bright green T-shirts with hems you can cut in a zig-zag pattern. Use black felt fabric to make triangles in various sizes and attach them with a glue gun.

If you’re Pebbles, add a white bow and matching leggings, and if you’re Bamm-Bamm, cut one shoulder off the shirt and wear a black T-shirt and leggings underneath.

Powerpuff Girls

Wrap or glue black fabric to cheap oversized T-shirts in green, pink, and blue to channel sugar, spice, and everything nice. Wear black leggings underneath with plain black shoes, and the look is so spot-on.

Violet Beauregarde

Do you remember Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Dust blue makeup on your face and wear a blue jacket. Oh, and don't forget the chewing gum!

A ghost

All you’ll need for this look are a white sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut the holes for the eyes and fix the costumes on the body.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh famously cut off his left ear, and it might be just the inspiration you need for your Halloween costume. Tape a bandage or folded-up paper towel over your ear. To take things to the next level, don a red wig and/or beard, carry a paintbrush and wear a shirt similar to ‘Starry Night’ if you have one.

Sexy Vampire

All you need to pull off this look is a pair of extra-long fangs. You can turn on the volume by adding some sexy-looking clothes.


Who could know that Jack-O-Lantern is all about makeup? Instead of carving a pumpkin this year, carve your face with black and orange face paint. Bonus points if you have a pumpkin stem headband, otherwise black and orange clothes will do.

Squid Game Competitor

The Netflix hit series has given people tons of Squid Game costume inspiration. It might be perfect for you if you own a tracksuit top and can fix your number on it. Prepare to die!

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