These 7 habits will help you keep your bathroom spotless

Every time you visit your parent's house their bathroom is spotless but no matter how hard you try you can't seem to recreate the effect in your own home. These 7 habits will help keep your bathroom spotless.

In the grand scheme ofcleaning, bathrooms are most often overlooked. Not because they aren't important but because they are such a chore to clean and even harder to maintain. Hair goes everywhere,washingall over the floor, stuffy smells and soap scum all contribute to the mess.

The people who can keep their bathrooms clean most likely abide by these seven habits which make maintenance a breeze.

1- Air it out

After a nice hot shower or bath open yourbathroom windows. This helps promote good airflow and allows fresh air into the room to get rid of any nasty smells.

2- Put your clothes in the washing basket

Make sure there is a washing hamper in your bathroom and even better, make sure you use it. This is one of the easier habits to maintains and helps to keep clothes off the floor.

3- Give the walls a quick clean after your shower

Many people keep a squeegee in the bathroom to give the glass walls a wipe down after a shower. This helps to prevent water stains. For tile, keep a little spray bottle of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water to spray on the walls to prevent any soap scum and mould.

4- Tumble dry your towels

After you've had a shower, put your wet towel through a quick spin in the tumble dryer, this will keep them soft and fresh.

5- Clean as you go

Maybe a little bit of toothpaste gets stuck to the side of the sink, or a little product gets smeared on the tap. By cleaning up these messes as you go they won't build up into an uncontrollably messy bathroom.

6- A quick vacuum can't hurt

We have to sweep or vacuum our floors every other day to keep them clean, especially when living with others. Just like your lounge and kitchen, bathroom floors require regular attention. A quick vacuum or sweep will ensure that hair and dust don't build up in hard to reach places.

7- Order your cabinets and countertops

Maybe your makeup and skincare get left by the basin only to be added to day by day. It's time to create a system of organisation. Get rid of all those five-year-old hotel soaps and old hand lotions you got for Christmas and make sure you put things back after use.

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