Lidl is selling a retro gift that is sure to be the hit of Christmas

A rather unusual vintage gadget is coming to the Middle of Lidl very soon–and it could be the perfect retro gift idea this Christmas. The supermarket have revealed that they’ll be selling a Swan Vintage Teasmade in their stores from Sunday 13th December. The alarm clock and automatic tea-maker will be available to buy for just £49.99 when it hits stores.

Have you ever wished you could wake up to a freshly made cup of tea ready and waiting for you? Well, with a teasmade that’s exactly what you’d get! Whilst teasmades were all the rage in the 1960s and 70s, they can be quite tricky to get hold of these days, so we’re very excited to hear Lidl will be selling one.

What is a teasmade?

A teasmade is an automatic tea-making machine which also usually features an alarm clock function–the idea being that you wake up and start the day right with a steaming cup of tea. The earliest models date back to the Victorian era and the first electric teasmades became available in the 1930s. The word ‘teasmade’ comes from one of the early brand names, Teesmade.

The Swan Vintage Teasmade (model STM202) features a white ceramic teapot and cover and a rapid water boiling function. It’s compact enough to be placed on a bedside table and you can set the alarm to wake you up just after your tea has boiled, so all you have to do is reach across to enjoy your tea in bed.

A similar teasmade is also available at Argos for the slightly more expensive price of £59.99 whilst the cheapest model we could find on Amazon UK costs £78.17. So if you’re looking for a unique, retro gift idea for a tea-lover this Christmas, you’ll probably want to check out the Middle of Lidl for a teasmade.

What else is coming to the Middle of Lidl?

If retro gift ideas aren’t really your cup of tea, Lidl have a whole host of more modern kitchen gadgets also heading to the Middle of Lidl on Sunday December 13th. These include a Salter Soup Maker (£34.99), a Silvercrest Raclette Grill (£24.99) and a Silvercrest Premium Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer (£49.99).

Lidl is now selling the perfect Christmas gift for your young one! Lidl is now selling the perfect Christmas gift for your young one!