Lidl is selling a life-changing foot spa for only £20

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present with Lidl’s £20 foot spa.

Lidl foot massager
© Lidl
Lidl foot massager

You may think that a trip to the spa may very well be worth your money, but you have to admit that going several times a year can definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Buying at-home spa equipment can also be financially taxing, but not anymore! Lidl has come out with a life-changing productthat will wipe out all the tension from your body, and it’s incredibly affordable.

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Lidl's Medisana Foot Spa

There’s nothing better than a nice long foot massage at the end of a long day, and thanks to Lidl’s new foot spa we can get it instantly.

Their Medisana Foot Spa has been designed to give every user the comfort and relaxation they desire. The device has a feature that keeps the water at a warm temperature while its vibration function sends deep and pleasant tremors into your body through the soles of your feet. Additionally, it also contains massage rollers for ‘foot reflexology massage’ and a dry massage option for those who do not wish to soak their feet in water.

Not only is it great for a nice massage, it also comes with three exchangeable pedicure attachments that you can use to beautify and relax your feet—a callus remover, brush, and massage attachment.

Instant massages

The Medisana Foot Spa is portable, compact, and most importantly, it’s super affordable. At the price of just £20, you can get a toe tingling foot massage whenever and wherever you want—nothing can beat that! Medisana, a leading specialist in the home health care market, described their product saying:

It provides a relaxing fizzy massage as well as a vibration massage and in addition, has an automatic water temperature holding function - so that your feet are once again fit to confront the next round of stress.
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