Lidl is selling this new great accessory for less than £10

Everyone knows it, Lidl is the best place to find accessories for great deals. Now there's new gadget for less than 10 pounds that you will love.

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When we talk about Lidl, most people think of the low prices continuously offered by the brand. Whether it be at the food level or in terms of household appliances, the German giant knows how to delight consumers. Moreover, the new designs of their stores have driven Internet users crazy just like the wireless headphones offered by the chain. And there is no doubt that the product which will soon be marketed will make people happy again.

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Multifunction LED lighting from Lidl

From February 22, Lidl will be offering a multifunction night light for sale. And of course, its price tag is very small: less than 10 pounds. Despite this mini price, this lighting set is perfectly complete. You can use it in three different ways: as a rechargeable torch, as a nightlight linked to a twilight sensor (that is to say, which operates solely thanks to external light levels) as well as a motion detector but which can also act as orientation lighting.

In addition, it is available in two different models. Also, you can find three styles of different LEDs sold in sets of three, always at an unbeatable price: under 4 pounds.

A food processor for less than 50 pounds

Moreover, for all fans of the Hard Discount giant, know that since Monday, February 15, you can find a food processor for less than 50 pounds. This heating blender will delight cooking enthusiasts. But be quick about it, because as we all know, Lidl products at such low prices go out of stock very quickly. So don't hesitate to drop by one of the brand's stores to kill two birds with one stone!

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