Aldi’s new must-have kitchen appliances are less than £20

With Aldi’s new Ambiano kitchen appliances, you can make delicious treats like cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and quesadillas right at the convenience of your home.

Aldi's new kitchen range
Aldi's new kitchen range

Machines really do make life easier, especially in the kitchen and Aldi knows that better than anyone else. That’s why they’ve launched brand-new appliances that will turn anyhome cook into a master chef. The best part is that you’re getting quality products without hurting your bank account because all these appliances are less than £20.

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Aldi’s additions are part of their Specialbuys collection, and they’re all available for online purchase right now!

Unique products

Aldi’s Ambiano collection is surprisingly interesting because it’ll add features in your kitchen that you never thought possible. If you love carnival snacks, then you’re definitely going to want to check it out because they’re selling popcorn and candy floss makers!

The Ambiano Candy Floss Maker is on sale for just £19.99 and the brand boasts that it’s just the thing you need for any party. The Ambiano Popcorn Maker is £14.99 and with this neat contraption you’ll have healthy popcorn as you won’t need any oil or butter to pop the kernels.

They’re even selling a hot dog toaster for £14.99 and a retro-style bread toaster for £19.99.

Most popular item

The most popular item on the list that is selling out like hot cakes is the Ambiano Quesadilla Maker, which is £16.99. It’s perfect for when you’ve got a few guests over with six deep dish pockets to make many decadent quesadillas. Aldi describes the product saying:

This handy machine makes creating a tasty deep filled Quesadilla easy and quick. With its non-stick coating, auto thermostat and oil drip tray, simply add your tortillas, fill with cheesy or dairy-free alternative goodness and press away. Serve with salsa or guacamole for a tasty treat anytime.

Of course, they’ve got you covered with your run-of-the-mill products too like their Grey Digital Kettle for £19.99, and Slow Cooker for £12.99.

Aldi’s new kitchen tool will absolutely transform your Winter! Aldi’s new kitchen tool will absolutely transform your Winter!