Aldi is selling an at-home facial steamer for less than £12

Bring the spa treatment to the comfort of your own home with one of these Visage Facial Steamers going on sale at Aldi next week.

Aldi facial steamer
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Aldi facial steamer

There’s yet another range of health and beauty Specialbuys coming to Aldi–some of which are already available to order online. Others, including the Visage Facial Steamer in a choice of pink or blue (£11.99), are set to go on sale in stores from Sunday 7th March. So, what is the Visage Facial Steamer?

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Aldi’s Visage Facial Steamer

The Visage Facial Steamer will allow you to replicate spa treatments in the comfort of your own home. It comes with a measuring cup, an aromatherapy cover, steam inhaler attachments, a large facial mask and a nose mask. With an automatic safe heating system and red LED indication light it’s easy to use.

Aldi writes:

Self-care is extremely important and key to feeling refreshed and revitalised, and what better way to treat yourself or a loved one than with this Visage Pink Facial Steamer. Helping to open up pores to directly remove dirt that can lead to blemishes, your skin will feel fabulous after every use.

How do facial steamers work?

Accoring to celeb skincare expert and aesthetician Renée Rouleau, most people have the wrong idea about how steamers work. She says:

You probably think of steamers as a way to soften and open the pores—that’s not the case, as pores aren’t like doors. Steamers help to make manual extractions easier to prevent too much stress on the skin.

She says a major benefit of using facial steamers is increasing blood circulation to the skin which makes oxygen flow to the surface, thus feeding the skin cells with new nutrients. Renée says you should always cleanse before steaming, then use serum and moisturiser to ensure your face is well hydrated.

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